Neuroscience in Times of Quarantine

An online lecture series to stimulate your brain while you remain confined (and safe)

Lecture Program

(Zoom links will be anounced progressively)

Lectures are not recorded

Tuesday, April 7th, 15:00, CEST

Martin Giurfa (Toulouse, France)

"How learning makes you picky: mechanisms of long-term change in reinforcement sensitivity induced by associative learning in the honey bee"


Tuesday, April 14th, 15:00, CEST

Bjoern Brembs (Regensburg, Germany)

"Peering into Skinner's Black Box: FoxP in Drosophila and what Chomsky got wrong with language acquisition"


Tuesday, April 21st, 15:00, CEST

Giorgio Vallortigara (Trento, Italy)

"The Evolution of Brain Asymmetry"


Tuesday, April 28th, 15:00, CEST

Patrizia d'Ettorre (Paris, France)

"Behavioural variation, cognitive performance and personality in ants"


Tuesday, May 5th, 15:00, CEST

Joann Strassmann (St Louis, MO, USA)

"Kin selection, relatedness and conflict in the social amoeba Dictyostelium discoideum"


Tuesday, May 12th, 15:00, CEST

Johannes Felsenberg (Basel, Switzerland)

"Re-evaluation of learned behavior in Drosophila melanogaster"


Tuesday, May 19th, 15:00, CEST

Laure Rondi-Reig (Paris, France)

"Cerebellar networks of spatial navigation in rodents and humans"


Tuesday, May 26th , 15:00, CEST

Andreas Nieder (Tuebingen, Germany)

"Brains for numbers"



Tuesday, June 9th, 15:00, CEST

Onur Güntürkün (Bochum, Germany)

"Cognition without Cortex"


Tuesday, June 16th, 15:00, CEST

Bruce Carlson (St Louis, MO, USA)

"Neural mechanisms of evolutionary change in sensory perception: a case study in weakly electric fish"


Tuesday, June 23rd, 15:00, CEST

Kentaro Arikawa (Hayama, JAPAN)

"A colorful story on butterfly vision"


Tuesday, June 30th, 15:00, CEST

Ellouise Leadbeater (London, UK)

"The honeybee waggle dance: evolutionary marvel but modern-day relic?”


Tuesday, July 7th, 15:00, CEST

Andreas Thum (Leipzig, Germany)

"From structure to function: What we can learn from the connectome of the Drosophila larva"


Tuesday, July 21st, 15:00, CEST

Audrey Dussutour (Toulouse, France)

"Problem-solving in acellular slime molds"

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